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The Sunny Little Corner Basic Teacher's Kit The Reading Academy

After attending the EMPOWER Workshop Sessions, teachers are absolutely THRILLED to be presented with their very own Sunny Little Corner Kit!!

  The BASIC Teacher's Kit includes everything seen in the photo above and as listed below:

The Sunny Little Corner Large Teacher Utility Tote

Choose your own Teacher Tote! Navy Blue or Pink!

  • Large Teacher Utility Tote from Thirty One Gifts.
  • Fold-N-File table topper for teacher's to easily access materials during Small Group Instruction, also from Thirty-One Gifts.
  • Teacher Guide containing our exciting Scope and Sequence and Accountability Pages.
  • The Sunny Little Corner Training DVD: A sneak peak into a Sunny Little Corner Classroom.
  • The Sunny Little Corner Read Aloud: These beautiful illustrations draw students into the exciting world of The Sunny Little Corner!
  • SONGBOOK: This is where the kinesthetic learning comes in!!  Songs, movement, chants, and cheers will bring your classroom to life and allow students to embrace phonics as never before!
  • Word Families: Onset Rhyme and Body Coda means of teaching Word Families are both contained with The Sunny Little Corner.  This particular portion allows practice and ownership of Word Families through the strategy of Onset Rhyme.
  • Daily Practice: This is the meat of the program and contains EVERY Phonics skill in the English Language!  Your students will be proficient, successful readers upon completion of this all important component.
  • Poetry Pages: This is an all time favorite of teachers and students. Parents will love seeing the collection of self-illustrated poetry pages their child will bring home!  This portion of The Sunny Little Corner contains both the Basic and Advanced pages.
  • Sentence Practice: Decodable Text is built-in throughout The Sunny Little Corner, but this particular section brings home all the phonics skills students are learning by allowing pencil to paper application of skills taught.  Contains both Basic and Advanced Pages.
  • Thematic Practice: Non-Fiction Text is so important, and with this portion of The Sunny Little Corner, your students are not only learning facts about unit topics, but also applying phonics and sight word skills.
  • Sunny Little Sight Word Teacher's Book  (Student Sight Word Books sold separately.)
  • The Sunny Little Corner Phonics CD Volume 1: Students will love learning these songs, then coloring their aligned Phonics Skill pages found in the SONGBOOK.  Additionally, students will enjoy dancing to these tunes by viewing them on YouTube!
  • 1 Set of Sharpie Highlighters
  • 1 Set of Avery Sticker Dots

The items below are sold separately and are not included in the kit.

  • *2 Sets of Whole Group Instructional Cards: These cards are fully scripted on the back if needed.
  • *2 Sets of Small Group Instructional Cards

In addition to all of this….teachers receive a

YEAR’s Worth of Professional Development

through a site based subscription to our
Sunny Little Corner Weekly Teacher’s Guide Videos!



The BASIC Teacher’s Kit Price

$522.10 $454.00

For a limited time introductory price, we are offering our Basic Teacher’s Kit for $454.00 giving you a 15% discount per kit!