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Hali Kelly

My daughter LOVES to sing and dance.  The Sunny Little Corner was a very special experience for her in that it harbored her love for singing and movement all the while teaching her the fundamentals of reading in a fun format.  Right away, it was something she was excited about and WANTED to do!  The Reading Club Notebook reinforced what she was learning in an organized and simple format.  So much so, that in a very short time she was speeding through her assignments because the recognition was there, she was confident in what she knew and I had to tell her to slow down so I could keep up! I can’t say enough about this program, it truly provided the foundation she needed to become a solid, confident reader and now just one year later, she’s unstoppable.  Her reading and writing scores prove that this program WORKS!


 Jeni Casey

I am convinced that the ability to read is one of the most important skills a child can learn.  The reading program The Sunny Little Corner was a huge success with teaching my two children to read.  I’ve never seen them more excited to learn something and was impressed at how easily they begin to read words.  The Reading Club Notebook was a vital part of the process.  It included poems, songs, fluency practice and phonics skills with easy instructions for the parents to follow when it was time to do homework.  The site words book helped them memorize words that they are not able to sound out.  I feel like the small group setting helped build confidence and made my children want to do a good job and keep up with their group.  It’s an amazing program and I’m so grateful that my children had the opportunity to start out with such a great foundation.


James and Julia Young

We cannot say enough about Mrs. Vann’s reading strategy The Sunny Little Corner using the Reading Club Notebooks!  Jaley is excelling in reading and it stems from the strong foundation she received in Kindergarten by doing active lessons each day in the classroom and at home using her Reading Club Notebook.  The repetition of seeing, hearing, saying and singing about letter sounds, consonant blends, long and short vowels and sight words in a fun interactive environment clicked, and she picked up reading chapter books in no time!  We are thankful to Mrs. Vann for developing such a useful technique that enhanced the love of reading in our daughter's life. 


Stacy Quilling

My child has made a remarkable improvement in his reading.  He entered Kindergarten with the basics...ability to identify letters and had a small grasp of the sounds they made.  Now, thanks to The Sunny Little Corner, he can read any word.  He can sound out multisyllabic words through his deep phonics understanding and reads everything....and he does!! (Street signs, commercials, ESPN sports center, and my text messages.)

Mrs. Vann has developed a remarkable system that teaches the children, and makes it fun at the same time. Through the singing and repetition my child will always remember his phonics. This curriculum has given him such a solid base for the remainder of his educational studies. I have two older children, who did well in reading; but what Charlie has accomplished this past year is leaps and bounds ahead of where they were.  We have been so very blessed to have had Mrs. Vann and be a part of her reading system.  Charlie loves to read....because he can!!

Thank you Mrs. Vann!!


Denise Scroggins

The Sunny Little Corner is the best reading curriculum I have seen in my years as an educator and a mother. It completely engages the students through music and movement while making connections to the text. It touches on all skills including sight words, comprehension, fluency, writing, phonics, and so much more! 

Each child is able to work at his/her own pace, and it builds confidence and shows children that reading is fun! My daughter, Kate has become a fluent reader in a short amount of time. She takes ownership of her Reading Club Notebook, and looks forward to "showing off" her reading skills. I am absolutely blown away by the progress she's made through The Sunny Little Corner curriculum. 


Kim Anh Ngo Huynh

The Sunny Little Corner presented by Mrs. Vann was very helpful in teaching my oldest daughter to learn and understand English as a second language. It captivated her and made her want to share with her sisters what she had learned at school. Mrs. Vann’s method of singing, rhyming, colorful examples, and group activities promote fast and fun learning for her students. As a result, I believe The Sunny Little Corner is one of the best ways to start learning effectively for beginning students because it makes learning fun and interesting for young learners!


Courtney Turner

My family loves The Sunny Little Corner reading program. Two of my children have had the privilege of using this curriculum to not only learn to read, but to learn to love reading. My oldest is a very logical learner while my youngest is much more kinesthetic and needs movement and music. The Sunny Little Corner reading program is perfect for all types of learners with its incorporation of music and movement with traditional phonemic awareness and reading. The Reading Club Notebook allowed both of my children to learn at a pace that they were ready for and to put them ahead of the game in comparison to other students at their grade level. We love The Sunny Little Corner reading program and the confidence and skill it teaches!


Andrea Hampton

Our family had 2 kindergartners go through The Sunny Little Corner in consecutive years. These 2 boys have very different learning styles and very different personalities but this program evened out the playing field and made learning phonics, constructing sentences and learning to read so much fun.   Our family has a passion for music and this curriculum utilizes the impact of songs and chants while learning the difference in sounds like ir, er and ur.  (in fact, the “Ir, Er and Ur” song is going through my head right this very minute) The Reading Club Notebook is an all-inclusive way to build on our children’s successes at school and watch their progress and strengthen their confidence. This curriculum is invaluable and I’m elated to know that THIS is the foundation that ALL their reading will be based upon.